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Margot Diskin is a well established homeopath and internationally-trained EFT practitioner working in Galway and an EFT trainer giving courses and [more...]

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A new career in 6 residential weekends. This course is as much a treatment as it is a training. We have designed a course that will give you all the skills, confidence and tools to create a successful practice.

What is EFT?

It is the revolutionary therapy of Emotional Freedom Techniques which painlessly heals physical symptoms and emotional trauma, and often works where nothing else will. As a branch of the emerging new field of Energy Psychology, it is based on the belief that all physical and emotional problems can be traced to a disturbance in the body’s energy system. Gently correcting this disorder has the knock-on effect of also correcting the problem, and thereby removing it!

This is a profoundly simple technique, which essentially involves tapping on a handful of acupuncture points while repeatedly naming the problem. But despite its graceful simplicity EFT has powerful results, from reversing the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, to curing addictions like smoking and overeating – while completely neutralising acute phobias. EFT is rapid, safe, refreshingly gentle and causes no side effects.

The basic technique can be mastered by anyone – making it an empowering, readily available tool to deal with an array of distressing situations on the spot. Deeper results and restoration of health and well-being can be achieved with the help of a skilled practitioner, often in just a few sessions.

What can it treat?

The scope of what EFT can treat is truly amazing and dare I say unlimited if applied properly.

The therapy is well-known to help resolve emotional distress such as long held trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, painful memories, shock, fear, panic attacks and anxiety, grief, anger and resentment, depression and addictions…

It also works wonders for people with problems as varied as migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, insomnia, allergies, chronic pain. In EFT, we deal with the underlying cause of the problem and physical symptoms tend to subside by themselves.

It is equally effective in bringing about positive changes in one’s life, enhancing performance, and improving self-esteem

Where did it come from?

The technique was discovered by chance when American psychologist, Roger Callahan – frustrated with making so little progress with a client – asked her to tap on acupuncture points while talking about her pathological fear of water. Her phobia was demolished on the spot and this newly liberated women was able to paddle in the pool for the first time in her life. Stunned, Callahan couldn’t believe what he was witnessing: he had spent years working with this patient whose fear was so acute that she couldn’t sit in a couple of inches of bath water. In a moment EFT, and the whole field of energy psychology, was born.

A student of Callahan’s, Stanford engineer, Gary Craig, is responsible for popularising the therapy and taking it to the world.