The group felt really safe and comfortable. Everybody was so open and honest and non-judgemental.
Gretta, Foundation Course Sept 08
In ways I can’t even imagine yet more accepting of myself, more hopeful and more confident that I can guide my life toward my highest purpose.
Molly, Foundation Course Sept 08
It has given me the confidence to head towards setting up a practice, I now have the strength to facilitate the peace I feel with/for others.
Margaret, Foundation Course Sept 08
The hope and enthusiasm is infectious. The combination of Margot and Clodagh’s spirit is a perfect balance.
Elizabeth, Foundation Course Sept 08
The teaching and facilitation was excellent. Margot and Clodagh are very generous with sharing their knowledge.
Sylvie, Foundation Course Sept 08
It has honestly been the best course I’ve ever done – totally holistic or whole-istic.
Catherine, Foundation Course Sept 08
Super course, huge amount of information, well presented, beautiful setting, learned a lot and gained personally.
Johanna, Foundation Course Sept 08
I enjoyed the course, it gave me a great sense of calmness in myself, and I feel more confident now, after the course.
Liam, Foundation Course Jan 09
The atmosphere was safe, warm and comforting. I felt so supported and loved and really enjoyed every second of the course. Fun, music, free to open up and be me.
Caitin, Foundation Course Jan 09
The EFT course has taken me from a very deep place into a place where the sun always shines. Everything is possible, my life has changed dramatically regarding relationships, career, money…possibilities. Before, I couldn’t get out of the dark space I was into to develop myself and since I took the course I am doing exactly what I want to do and I am able to go over bad situations in a healthy way. Thanks to Margot and Clodagh for making all these wonderful things available!EFT!
Carmen, Foundation Course Jan 09
Excellent. Conducted with love and privacy has been respected at all times. Excellent choice of venue, it gives space to be by its very nature. Thanks for this amazing experience…
Denise, Foundation Course Jan 09
Excellent teaching skills and good management of the group. I know that I have a supportive community reside me on whom I can calll if I need to. Thanks so much to both Margot and Clodagh for a fabulous course!
Siobhán, Foundation Course Jan 09
The course was truly inspirational. Margot is a dynamic teacher. The techniques are easy to follow and easily used. I benefited greatly from doing the course –all aspects of my life got a positive “shake-up”.
Anne, Foundation Course Jan 09
My life has changed for the better because of this course. The teaching was perfect, extremely professional and comforting. The surroundings are beautiful and the food…my God, the food…yum!
Kieran, Foundation Course Jan 09
Very constructive advice in the course, and they covered a lot of information with a genuine sense of humour and patience and good business tips too.
Emma, Foundation

Testimonials from Clients

I see EFT not as a door to my wisdom, knowledge, soul and acceptance of myself but as the most wonderful and profound instruction on how to open that door. EFT is a wonderful gift that helped me overcome a sickness that conventional medicine had no answer for. It should be used by everyone, everywhere, on everything!
Kevin, 32 – Galway– His severe ME and debilitating vertigo were resolved in 4 EFT sessions.
Chocolate lovers around the world beware and be careful what you wish for…. that bar could be your last one!
Fiona, 33, Galway, ex-self professed chocolate addict
EFT is amazing, I feel wonderful. I wouldn’t have believed that anything could help me the way EFT has. I can’t wait to go out into the world everyday now… I only have a vague recollection of how I used to feel when I couldn’t even get out my front door. The nightmare is over. Thank you Margot and EFT.
Margaret, 54 from Galway, ex-agoraphobic after one phone session.

EFT helped me brought out all my emotions, yet it was a pain-free process. It is a very fast and effective way to heal yourself so that you can start planning your future.
Kate, 22, Manchester. Got off crack cocaine and resolved what fuelled her addiction in 3 EFT sessions.

I’ve been using EFT every time I felt an asthma attack coming on and it’s always worked. I also noticed that they are much less frequent.
Patricia, 20, Galway

I am not afraid to go to sleep now. Before I thought that I was going to die or that Mum was going to be gone when I woke up. I have no nightmares now.
Tamara, 10 from Galway.

I lost a son 8 years ago. The grief was overwhelming and never seemed to diminish. I went to see Margot for a session. I have found peace now with EFT. It’s not that I don’t think about Owen but when I do, I recall the good times and I feel grateful that he was in my life.
Jane, 51, Limerick after one EFT session.

My husband and I were going through a lot of difficulties in our marriage and we were very stuck with all the resentment, sadness and guilt that had built up with every row. We went to Margot together once a fortnight for 2 months. She was very patient, insightful and kind. She helped us clear things from the past and resume healthy communication. She also taught us how to do EFT on ourselves whenever we felt stuck. Things are much better now between us. I am very grateful for all the support.
Helen, 35. Kildare.

I battled with depression for nearly three years, at first I took medication to relieve my symptoms but found the side effects nearly as devastating as the illness. Psychotherapy gave me great insight into my illness and helped me gain the skills I needed to tackle life’s ups and downs. However when I was down in the dumps and even when I could logically figure out my pain I couldn’t pull myself out of it. This is where EFT came into my life and set me free. I was at a particularly low point and my Psychotherapist recommended I see Margot Diskin and give EFT a go. I knew very little about the therapy but was open to it. The first session I had lasted a good hour and a half. It seemed a little strange to me, with all the tapping and odd affirmations. Margot herself was lovely, she completely put me a ease and she has the most amazing ability to read between the lines and see the real issue. After my first session I was blown away, amazed, thrilled, elated about how I felt. The best way I could describe how I felt was weightless, happy, chilled out. The pressure had been released and I couldn’t believe the energy I had. Now I try to practice EFT on myself and it’s like recharging the batteries. I still don’t know everything about it but I know it works. I don’t know how an engine works either but I’m happy to drive my car. Give it a go you won’t regret it!
Vivien, 35 from Galway.

Before I discovered EFT, no matter what I did and whatever opportunities were presented to me, I would always sabotage them and wind up broke, feeling like an idiot and a failure. I did two sessions with Margot and my life has turned around. She has the knack to uncover stuff that you don’t even know was there but by the time you do, you can laugh about it. Now, three months down the line, I have unshakable self esteem, I am doing what I love, I have stopped arguing with my girlfriend and I am talking to my father again. I noticed lately that I naturally cut down on the beer and am getting fitter. When something bugs me, I do a little EFT and just keep going with my day… I could go on all day about EFT!
Sean, 28, from Dublin.

EFT got me off the fags and on my bike.
John, 42, Galway who quit smoking in one session.
After many years trying for my second child – including fertility treatment – I became pregnant after 3 sessions of EFT spread over 6 weeks. I found it incredibly relaxing. I used it throughout the 9 months and had a wonderful problem-free pregnancy. I gave birth to a beautiful 9lb 1oz baby boy. EFT can be used anywhere, anytime and for anything. I highly recommend it.
Fiona, 43, Co. Galway.

EFT is just magic and Margot is a gem. Try it to believe it.
Sheila, 47 whose fibromyalgia pains dropped by 80% in just 2 sessions.

Testimonials from Workshop Participants

I really enjoyed the course with Margot. Her cheery, positive approach is really catching. I am converted!
Mary, Level 1, Limerick

After today, I am consider EFT as a career and will integrate it into my hypnotherapy practice. As a teacher, you are indeed a true professional on a natural level. I look forward to doing more training with you.
Angelique, Level 1, Clonmel

Inspirational, joyful, soulful, refreshingly human. Tap on!
Sandra, Level 1, Bray

This has opened my eyes! Hugely beneficial, deep and yet fun. I am energized to go further.
Peter, Discover EFT, Bray

This second module has given me the confidence I needed to try EFT on others. I enjoyed all the practical examples. Margot generously shares all she has learned along the way. She is a gifted teacher.
Ruth, Level 2, Galway

Great workshop. Fun, light and yet I learned so much. Your teaching method is flowing and inspiring. Well done.
Caroline, Discover EFT, Ennis