Professional Training

The energy psychology EFT is a relatively new therapy and yet – thanks to its remarkable effectiveness – it is taking the world by storm and there is a growing demand for new practitioners. The basic EFT technique is simple, elegant and can land amazing results. However, like most things in life, EFT can be taken to a much higher level when the art of delivery is learned and the practitioner understands what the inner process is like for his client. He can then tackle their internal conflict and uncover core issues and subconscious blocks, and thus allow the person to achieve new levels of health and well-being.

The EFT Foundation Course


The school is based in beautiful Ashleypark House and its eight acres of mature beech woodland. It is an old world family-run B&B set in glorious countryside outside Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Ashley Park is reserved exclusively for us during the training weekends. Between lessons and workshops, there will be ample time for walks in the park and walled garden. Food is prepared by Liliane, a French chef with a passion for cooking and extensive experience in catering for groups. She prides herself on sourcing the freshest of ingredients – organic whenever possible – and preparing both nutritious and delicious vegetarian meals.


We want to empower people to achieve their dreams. At the school the differences between students are honoured and learners become facilitators – bringing their life experience to the college. Students are encouraged to develop a style of their own and helped every step of the way to become an established practitioner – with additional modules available to those who wish to set up or enhance their practice.

Cooperation, tolerance and safety are paramount at our school. The facilitators and emotional helper work as a team to create the best possible learning conditions.







Selection of Course Participants

The course is particularly suitable for people in the caring professions. However, it is open to all and you may choose to enrol purely for personal reasons. No prior experience or qualification are necessary.

Numbers are limited to sixteen participants, and applicants will be asked to take a short interview before a place on the course is granted.

Course outline

The aim of the course is to give participants who intend to embrace a new career or integrate EFT into their existing practice a very solid understanding of a wide variety of EFT techniques as well as extensive practical experience.

The course features group activities and discussions, with a view to building rapport between participants and facilitators. You get a chance to practice your newly-acquired skills with plenty of support offered. Some time will be dedicated to learning how to cultivate and tune into your intuition with practical exercises – an invaluable asset in the practice of EFT. Creative activities and listening techniques combined with EFT, provide a powerful tool for self-exploration and transformation.

We give a lot of guidance and practical advice on how to set up and run a successful EFT practice. This is a crucial course element that will identify and remove the pitfalls that can mean the difference between commercial success and failure, thus allowing trainees to move seamlessly into business.

With over a month between modules, students will have time to digest the material learned and practice it for themselves and on each other. There will also be assignments, like DVDs to watch and articles to read and report back on.

The Course is spread over 6 residential weekends split into Module A and Module B of three weekends each. Whereas the modules can be taken separately, participants are strongly encouraged to take both consecutively.

Module A – EFT Basics

  • EFT Techniques (Level 1 & Level 2)
  • Principles of Energy Healing
  • Muscle testing and Energy re-balancing
  • Deep Listening and Rapport Building
  • Recognizing and Amplifying your Intuitive Sense
  • Personal Discovery and Development
  • Setting up a successful EFT Practice

Module B – EFT Beyond Basics

  • Refined and Expanded EFT Techniques
  • Broadening Scope of Practice
  • Case Management
  • Deepening your Intuitive Sense
  • Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Continued Personal Discovery and Development
  • Building up your EFT practice

Module A will equip you with basic and more advanced EFT tools and you will be ready to tap on yourself, family and friends – or to start incorporating the therapy into your existing health practice.

It includes the contents of EFT Level 1 and 2. You will learn the full EFT protocol with demonstrations and a lot of practice, explore theoretical concepts, get to experience the incredible benefits of the technique in group sessions, through pair work and demonstrations.

Module B focuses on more subtle ways of helping clients overcome the central painful human emotions (grief, fear, anger, guilt and their derivatives). You will learn how to assist them to clear up the residue left by traumatic past experiences (abuse, neglect, accidents, shock…) and learn the art of reframing limiting beliefs and attitudes.

We will continue with our exploration and expansion of your intuitive sense, personal exploration and development of a healthy practice.

At this stage those with professional leanings should already have a budding practice, and this Module of the foundation course is a golden opportunity to review and polish our life and career plan – we will investigate ways to build on our strengths and minimize threats and pitfalls.


This training program was put together by a team spear-headed by Margot Diskin.

Margot Diskin is an internationally trained EFT-Advanced practitioner who runs busy practices in Galway and Dublin. She has led EFT workshops all over Ireland, London and as far afield as Costa Rica, Tanzania and Kenya sharing with hundreds of people the benefits and potentials of EFT. Margot has always been involved in teaching and she is now giving expression to this passion by setting up this programme – a long cherished dream of hers.

Her teaching style is fun and empowering. She believes in helping students get in touch with resources that they may not even be aware they have. In her opinion a good practitioner needs both solid, practical skills and the ability to step out of the way and let the healing process flow.

Clodagh O’Mara is a gifted healer who specialises in using her highly developed intuition to apply a special blend of energy healing, homeopathy and now EFT. Over the past 17 years she has worked with countless clients, and loves sharing her fascination for the magical energetic interaction that takes place between people, nature and all things.

When it comes to EFT Clodagh is a great believer in Gary Craig’s advice to: ‘Try it on everything’. She taps – whether in her practice or at home – to resolve challenges or just for fun – and it is an integral part of her everyday life.

On the course, she helps students get in touch with the deeper part of themselves – that magical place where the process becomes effortless, and the healing just flows. Clodagh has designed practical group activities aimed at helping participants experience and explore deeper levels of connection, and rediscover their intuitive voice.

Home Study

Studying the EFT DVDs is an essential part of training to be an EFT practitioner. Far from being a chore, it is a fun and effective way to learn, and also to ‘borrow benefits’ – a fascinating EFT phenomenon by which the spectator is helped with his own issues by merely tapping along while watching the treatment of another.

Students will also be encouraged to subscribe to the free online EFT newsletter and to regularly visit the EFT website, where tips, advice, techniques, insights and testimonials are generously shared by members of the international EFT community. They are also taught to keep a journal of the techniques they use with clients – noting what worked well and what didn’t, as well as the progress made in the course of a session.

We will also provide a reading list and support the setting up of local study groups and tapping circles. Overall, the time commitment for studying between weekends should be in the order of 3 to 10 hours per week.


Certificates of attendance for Level 1 and 2 will be delivered at the end of those weekends. In addition, another certificate will be awarded to those who attend the six residential weekends. Those who choose to just attend the lessons will be given a certificate of attendance whereas others may opt for the EFT Foundation Course Certificate of Completion.

To merit this qualification participants are required to report on the EFT DVDs, prepare a project and demonstrate a working knowledge of the course concepts and their aptitude as an EFT practitioner. They will have to document ten case studies and taken five full EFT sessions conducted by a qualified and experienced practitioner.

Course fee

Course fees include all tuition and workshops, full board from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon. Accommodation is in shared bedrooms with en-suite bathroom, (max. of 3 per room, usually just 2).

Module A & B (six residential weekends including full board)

  • €2,950 if paid in installments
  • €2,750 if paid in full on 1st weekend
  • €2,450 if paid in full six weeks prior to course starting (4th Sept. 2010).

Module A or B only (three residential weekends including full board)

  • €1,650 if paid in installments
  • €1,550 if paid in full on 1st weekend
  • €1,350 if paid in full six weeks prior

Discounts: €50 / €100 euros for participants who have obatined a Level 1 / Level 2 with either Clodagh or Margot.

A deposit of €500 is necessary to secure a space of which €250 is non-refundable.

Single room supplement: €25 extra per night.

A maximum of two places on each course can be granted, on merit, for a reduced fee, at the discretion of the course organizers. Please email Margot for details.


Module A

  • 15th & 16th Sep. 2012
  • 06th & 07th Oct. 2012
  • 17th & 18th Nov. 2012

Module B

  • 12th & 13th Jan. 2013
  • 09th & 10th Feb. 2013
  • 09th & 10th Mar. 2012


Course places are limited and will be granted on the basis of a short interview.

Please fill in the online Application Form

Students Testimonials

Please check our testimonials section to read about the students’ experience at our Foundation Course.

Intermediate and Advanced Modules

A series of intermediate and advanced modules also run throughout the year. These are open to practitioners who have completed the Foundation Course and wish to further refine their skills in areas of their choice. Each advanced course is designed around a theme. From time to time we bring in facilitators, all experts in their respective fields, to teach on these weekends. The foundation course graduates get to pick the particular area they would like to explore, and we organise a module according to the wishes of the majority.

Our advanced modules include:

  • EFT and NLP -A Perfect Marriage: NLP is an invaluable tool for learning to build rapport, develop observational skills, choosing the right words and subtle reframes…
  • Tame your Archetypes : Get the Inner Child, the Saboteur, the Victim, the Rebel in you to become allies rather than adverse forces in your life.
  • Develop your Intuition: ‘The art of getting yourself out of the way’ so that EFT happens through you, as opposed to being ‘done’ by you… and what a wonderful feeling that is! This workshop contains lots of tips and practical exercises that will help you to tune into the subtle voice of your intuition.
  • The Symbolic Language of the Body: Our body is a metaphor for our inner life. Unable to lie, it tells its stories through the use of symbols, colours, numbers, sensations and sounds. You can get fluent in this language… an invaluable tool to decode the message and get down to core issues.
  • EFT in the treatment of addictions (smoking, eating disorders, OCD, weight loss)
  • Tap into your Creative Power using EFT: embrance abundance in all areas of your life and manage your unlimited creativity using EFT).
  • The Work by Byron Katie. What if all your suffering was just based on a bunch of untrue beliefs?

These are just of few of the fascinating modules we plan to offer… More information will be available closer to the time.